We only do one thing:

Build your customer base.

Customerland is a holistic engagement & performance agency.

How we do it


Brand Strategy & Art Direction

We start at the customer and then we build brand strategies that resonate with their values.


Website Design & Development

Web assets that reflect a deep understanding of client goals and user behaviors.



Social Media & Influencer Marketing

The most personal channels can be the most effective – and challenging.


Inspire. Activate. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s a simple formula on paper but the executional complexities can be (really) daunting. 


Complete Campaign Management

Marketing strategies that optimize budgets, channels, conversions, and lifetime value.



Rewards & Incentives

The psychology of incentives combined with the technologies to deliver.

Step 1.

Diagnostic & Analysis

Understand current status, existing data and customers behaviors, needs and expectations. List initiatives that will support goals.

Step 2.

Priorization & Roadmap

Map effort, time and reward of each initiative. Create a realistic roadmap of initiatives that can be managed internally.

Step 3.

Delivery & Optimization

Deliver each test or initiative. Continuously assess before optimizing, implementing or moving onto the next item.

How we work

It starts with "why"

Customer Design Thinking starts with a clear understanding of a customer’s “why” – the attitudes, benefits and values they expect from any given experience.
The Customerland operational framework delivers a singular, directional roadmap – a Customer Reference Architecture - to inform all of the people, process, data, technologies, and actions that make up customer-centric strategy.
Consumer Expectations are Rising
Our research shows that consumer expectations are rising faster than ever and even the most innovative brands are struggling to keep up. Brands that close the expectation gap accrue massive competitive benefits.
Consumer Expectations are Shifting
Experiences that consumers have with one company set expectations for other companies, such that brands across all industries are judged against experiences with brands ranging from Amazon and Apple to Nordstrom and USAA
And They're Becoming More Complex

Tracking expectations is no longer a single-metric pursuit but rather, a matrix of sometimes competing indicators and signals.

About Us

We've been around the block.

Actually, we helped build the block.

Customerland is led by Mike & Ingrid who together, bring more than 50 years of experience in creative, production, branding, data, CRM, CX, loyalty and performance marketing to the table. It’s a pretty big table.

Mike Giambattista is co-founder and CEO of Customerland.  He’s a veteran of the media world (Miami Herald, Newsweek, and others) and the agency world and has led creative, and strategy teams all along the way. He also founded and leads TheCustomer – the only global publication covering the entire customer engagement ecosystem.

Ingrid Sierra is co-founder and CSO of Customerland. Ingrid is a seasoned CMO  for several enterprise-level companies in the U.S. and Europe (Tenerity, CX Loyalty, and Affinion Group). In addition to her role at Customerland, Ingrid leads SheShops, the world’s most comprehensive insights into the female shopper.


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